Foam rolling is a variety of self-myofascial launch (SMR) that can enable to “no cost-up” movement all over the physique by releasing tightness due to a whole host of components which include prior personal injury, normal compensation styles (i.e. carrying a bag on 1 side of your physique in excess of time, and many others.) and posture and/or in a natural way favoring a side of the physique versus an additional for no matter what rationale these types of as in the game of golf.  Whenever these compensations take location and we all have them to some degree or an additional other areas of the physique have the probable to grow to be inhibited and/or limited.  This may perhaps not look like a massive deal at to start with but in excess of time can direct to dysfunction and/or personal injury.  Think of the sailing analogy of a ship that begins to sail 1 degree off course.  That may perhaps not seem like a large amount but in excess of time it can grow to be quite significant and these types of is the circumstance with a person’s compensations they show in excess of time.  Most people today are not informed of these types of points but we all have them.  Next time you search in a mirror try out to stand as normal as attainable and detect your right shoulder from your remaining.  Does it tilt increased than the other? It’s possible it rotates in much more than the other side, if so that means you have some time of asymmetry.  That’s not always a poor issue but it can be important to be aware these differences all over the physique and realize that these concerns may perhaps be affecting your golf swing.


Foam rolling aids to beat asymmetry, abnormal tightness, compensations, and many others. by rising range of movement (ROM) by means of the physique letting for higher mobility with your golf game.  Click in this article for a systematic assessment of foam rolling and SMR and it can be effects on ROM.  Another instance I like to use is that of a rolling-pin.  In order to bake a pie you should to start with roll out the dough and eliminate any bumps to make certain an even cooking surface.  One could argue the identical is genuine with our musculoskeletal program and the knots we develop in our tissues. Foam rolling aids to ease these restrictions by minimizing these knots/adhesions all over our musculature letting us each to shift and truly feel improved.

Beneath is a brief online video that does a good task of detailing the relevance of foam rolling.

A be aware on hydration.  One can’t dismiss the relevance of hydration in the SMR approach.  Have you ever witnessed jerky? This is a drastic instance of how the tissues in our physique would be with very little to no hydration in them.  Could you visualize employing a foam roller for that?  In our final submit on nutrition essentials we talked about the relevance of hydration and the job it plays in our total well being.

The takeaway is that our muscle mass are composed of about seventy five% h2o and since all through the SMR approach we require our physique to be effectively hydrated in order to see the best amount of efficiency not only from a well being point of view but to boost our ROM so that you eventually can execute improved on the golf course.

How do we foam roll?  That’s a good problem I get asked a large amount and I advise for people today to focus on various most important tissue areas starting with the calves, the glutes, quads, higher again and pecs. The online video underneath does a good task of offering  a transient overview of most of these most important areas to enable give you an plan of what to search for when you are starting your foam rolling system.

Swift Reference on the Dos and Don’ts of Foam Rolling:


  • Use foam rolling each day or as-essential for recovery, and pre/submit-work out
  • Go sluggish especially if you are to start with starting out and breathe!
  • Keep hydrated (aids to facilitate improved results)


  • Roll on bony surfaces (i.e. knees, neck, elbows, and many others.)
  • Use the foam roller to the stage exactly where your discomfort threshold is not comfortable only tolerable
  • Just use the foam roller, it should be included with your health and fitness regimen (i.e. resistance training) to see optimum results

What’s future?  Trigger Stage Therapy is a business that has been around for a when and helps make substantial top quality products to get you on the right observe.  There’s also even larger retail places these types of as Rouge Physical fitness and Complete Much better exactly where you can acquire distinct styles of mobility instruments to make improvements to your golf game which include distinct styles of foam rolling products.

For much more information and facts of how foam rolling can positively impact your golf game, click in this article for extra techniques to elevate your amount of participate in.