The video game industry is loaded with different game jobs and careers, opportunities to become involved in one of the most interesting, diverse fields around.

For those that want to be at the top of the mountain no matter what they do, overseeing the production of vast projects and making the decisions that will bring on the future of the video game industry, the role of game producer might be right for you.

The game producer is an integral part of any studio’s production. The structure can be confusing, with both external and internal producers. An external producer will work directly with a publisher, overseeing the work being done from an executive level. An internal producer on the other hand will be more involved, often working house with the developers and designers to see to the completion of multiple projects.

Whichever kind of producer you aspire to be though, the video game industry is one of multitasking and massive production. Your job will be to oversee multiple projects and hundreds of people, often in a role that designates you a representative of the publisher’s financial interests.

A game producer’s job is going to be much more business related than any other position in the video game industry. You’ll likely find yourself attending business school and gaining experience in lower, entry-level jobs before you are qualified for this position. But, if you can get in with the game industry on the ground floor, it’s a great opportunity to work your way into a producer’s role.

While a game producer must have ample knowledge of the process and what each job entails and is actually doing, your job will be to maneuver them, keeping the project on schedule, on budget, and contract. You make the final calls on a lot of major decisions that might gravely affect a game’s final product. You will negotiate contracts and sign new talent. You will establish testing schedules and localization for overseas projects.

You are essentially the business man of the video game industry and because of that had better be willing to spend a great deal of time making sure everything is running smoothly. This a perfect job for anyone who enjoys being in charge, making things run smoothly and having an entire team of game designers working beneath you, crafting the next great wave of video games.

But, the role of video game producer might not be the perfect fit for everyone interested in getting into the video game industry. It’s a stressful role, one that the artistic or the quiet might not find to be a perfect fit. It involves long hours and taking responsibility for multiple game projects at once.

The final product is an amazing accomplishment, but for those that want to get in with the video game industry and work on an actual game, the role of game designer, or any of the lesser, more involved roles would be a wonderful fit. The possibilities in the video game industry are endless if you only look.