With the introduction of the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion have been added new continents. Players of the Alliance will go to leveling their characters up to level 120 on Kul-Tiras, and the heroes of the Horde will begin to master Zandalar. Two new continents are similar in structure. Each includes three locations. They are heavily strewn with assignments, more than half of them will have to pass at the maximum level to complete all the plot chapters.

Kul-Tiras is the home of seafarers, and the locations within the continent have the following information:

  • The Stormsong Valley includes a large port where ships receive the blessings of sea priests. They are strongly respected by the inhabitants, but an unknown curse changed the beings. The interior of all buildings gives up the themes of the sea, many of them resemble cabins in ships;
  • The Drustvar mountain area is home to many creatures. Druids, witches and ghosts found their abode here. The location is covered with mountains with wooded terrain. Players in the study will visit places such as Cemetery, Fletcher’s Hollow, where the struggle against the damned animals does not stop, the Ancient Stone Mine that glows purple;
  • Most of the territory of Tirogarde Sound is occupied by Boralus – the table of the continent. The location is inhabited by pirates, the harsh marine theme has become the basis of design. In remote areas there is untouched nature;
  • New locations of Zandalar differ greatly from Kul-Tiras, because this continent was the cradle of the birth of the empire of blood trolls. Horde players will be able to visit three locations:
  • The territory of Nazmir is covered with water objects, marshes, vegetation of various kinds. Here live creatures of gigantic size. When pumping, players will visit the underground city of Necropolis, as well as Shaldra’mah. When approaching the last place of the character will turn into a bloody troll;
  • Zuldazar is the capital of Zandalar. The big city is made in the subject of the inherent race of trolls and religion “Voodoo”. Outside the capital one can meet the temples of the indigenous people, which border on lush vegetation.
  • Location Voldun is a huge desert with stone impregnations. The terrain is homogeneous and human-like snakes have mastered it. Their buildings in the form of temples are visible in many places. Voldun became home to criminals of all stripes. From all over Zandalar, villains were sent here to exile.

New farm locations will take place along with the study of the territory. All six locations are made in an original atmosphere with different landscapes. Each territory is remembered as a special chip. Stormsong Valley with its beautiful scenery. Drustvar gloomy mystery, Nazmir color placed objects. The developers paid attention to the details, made the NPC memorable. In the expansion “Battle for Azeroth” the transition from one location to the next area will be strongly felt by the player. According to impressions from the beta test, users report that often there are unexpected landscapes and involuntarily draw attention to the colorful design. In this regard, the addition is made a step above the “Legion”.

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