Customizing your Spider Solitaire game is swift and simple. Let’s get started.

Go to your Spider Solitaire game. Clicking on the Activity tab opens a window exhibiting:

  • New Activity
  • Undo
  • Trace
  • Data
  • Options
  • Alter Physical appearance
  • Exit

Spider Solitaire Dropdown menu of the games tab.

New Game: Begins a new Spider Solitaire Game.

Trace: (the key h) When picked Trace will chime and spotlight two cards which can be played collectively. If there are no out there moves, a bleep audio is listened to and the reserve cards are highlighted.

Hints on Trace:

  • Only a single trace is shown at a time and that may possibly or may possibly not be the finest shift out there.
  • Trace will not exhibit you shift combinations. In other terms, a shift you can make if you make another shift initially.
  • Since trace can not exhibit you shift combinations it normally announces the game is more than when you have other moves to make. Several occasions I have gone on to acquire a game following the game has been pronounced more than.

Undo: (Ctrl z) Employing this operate will undo or reverse the past shift. This can be carried out repeatedly until you return to the ideal game configuration. Bear in mind that when using the undo function, one issue is subtracted from your score and one shift is extra to the moves counter.

Data: Listed here you can check out your winning game stats by amount of difficulty. Also out there in this article is the option to reset Spider Solitaire game stats. As your game talent increases you may possibly desire to reset the winning game stats to see how substantially you have enhanced.


  • Difficulty: Listed here you can find the amount of difficulty. The difficulty increases with the selection of suits picked. As your game skills improve you may possibly desire to challenge yourself by deciding upon a higher difficulty amount.
  • Screen Animations: If checked the computer system will deal and pickup the cards quickly a single at a time. If unchecked the cards just magically appear or disappear as needed.
  • Perform appears: If checked you will hear the appears of cards currently being moved about and a chime audio when the trace operate is employed.
  • Present strategies: This option will exhibit a pop-up explaining errors in your participate in. For illustration, it will demonstrate that you simply cannot put a 9 on a 6. This option can be troublesome and distracting I do not have this box checked.
  • Normally continue saved game titles: Verify this box if you want the computer system to restart your past game where by you give up actively playing.
  • Normally save a game on exit: This quickly save your game on exit with no prompting.

Deciding on solutions five & 6 concurrently is helpful for those who participate in for quick intervals of time unable to full a game uninterrupted. On exit your game is speedily saved and on return your game resumes where by you exited.

Alter Physical appearance:

This option lets you to transform the shade of the actively playing desk and the glimpse of the cards. This is a make a difference of personalized preference. You must experiment with distinctive combinations until you come across a single you like. I come across massive print deck and red hearts (in the illustration previously mentioned) to be really hard on the eyes, but some may possibly like it.