By Joe Jessop

For high college basketball coaches, breaking down game movie can be pretty annoying due to the fact of the demands of educating in a classroom as nicely.  Following all…basketball coach is just not your only work.  Right here are six quick recommendations to assist you split down game movie extra efficiently so you are not paying so a lot of hrs staring at a screen.

  1. Begin by watching the defensive end of the ground initial.  It is awesome what you will discover about your team and the over-all game by concentrating on the defense component of the game.  I will literally quickly forward just about every possession to the defensive aspect so that I don’t get caught up and aspect tracked by the offensive aspect of the ground (this is pretty straightforward to do).  When I quickly forward to only a person component of the game I turn into pretty concentrated and it only normally takes about twenty-30 minutes to split down the defense and have some strong notes prepared in my basketball coaching planner.  Next, I will do the very same thing with the offensive end of the ground.
  2. You should not get bogged down in every single possession.  As coaches we have a tendency to read through much too substantially into the breakdown of just about every possession.  The game of basketball moves much too quickly and there is pretty little if any changeover time.  Hence, if you concentration on just about every possession you will get slowed down in details and it will get hrs upon hrs to end watching game movie.  The essential is to glance for over-all significant tendencies.  For instance:  When I am breaking down the defensive end I may well detect that my team is not getting absent the baseline drive.   I will take note that in by basketball coaches planner and make sure I put into action the drills in practice setting up to take care of the dilemma.
  3. Watch the game movie with your gamers.  Occur up with 3 defensive concepts and 3 offensive concepts for your team to concentration on during your movie session.  Make copies of your blank movie split down internet pages from your basketball coaching planner and hand them out to your team to use when they check out.  Request them to make their individual notes relating to the 3 offensive keys and 3 defensive keys as they watch the movie.
  4. Do not check out the entire movie with high college athletes from get started to end.  Use the very same strategy with them that you did when you have been breaking it down.  Only show them the defensive end and then the offensive end.  Again…this will enable them to concentration in on what you want them to get out of the movie.  Only pause it and further more split it down on 4 or five possessions so they don’t get unwell of watching the movie.
  5. Your movie session with your gamers need to be no extra than forty five minutes lengthy.  Gamers will get rid of concentration then the session turns into a squander of time alternatively than a effective and optimistic understanding knowledge for you and your gamers.  Convey to them it will only be forty five minutes and then adhere to it.  Discover how to turn into very clear and concise.  It will turn into your most significant ability in starting to be a effective basketball coach.
  6. Continue to keep keep track of of your filming notes in a spot that you can conveniently entry and review them.  This will make breaking down the subsequent movie even faster and much easier.  I use my basketball coaching planner.  It is really a terrific way to keep myself organized with practice designs, game designs, scouting reports, and movie sessions.

If you will comply with these primary recommendations for breaking down game movie it will turn into enjoyment and straightforward for you ensuing in extra success for you and your team.