How to Find and Hire a Reliable Handyman Near You If you’re looking for quick repair or home improvement jobs like painting, carpentry, tiling or furniture assembly, you should get the right handyman services. A handyman is basically skilled in a number of small jobs and can complete a wide range of home repair, maintenance and renovation jobs. A majority of handymen offering services in neighborhoods are usually self-taught while others are trained and certified to offer specific types of home repairs or improvements. Here are smart tips for hiring the right handyman service. Start your search by looking in the right places. You have different options when it comes to finding the best handyman. Start by talking to people you know to get recommendations, get referrals from local hardware store owners, check community service boards and view list of dependable handymen in various trusted online resources. Use these different strategies to find potential handymen you can hire. Ensure that they don’t have any negative feedback or complaints from past clients. With a list of names in your hands, select a few handymen to interview. This is the best opportunity you have to learn about their level of experience, types of services they offer and their qualifications. Get to know what specific repairs or home improvements they have done for clients, their area of specialization and whether they have the skills needed to complete your job. You should also ask to see their license and liability insurance papers. Ask them also to provide references so that you can get an idea of their work from past clients. Request for an upfront estimate and ensure a clear work plan is presented. By now, you should already have a general outline of the exact work that needs to be done. That will help a handyman to come up with the right estimates for the project. A seasoned handyman will have knowledge about different types of home repairs and improvement jobs and provide a realistic quote. Expect a good handyman to explain the costs in time and materials too. Make sure a detailed work plan is presented and avoid the cheapest estimate. Evaluate your options before deciding who to work with. One handyman may seem to have all the right qualifications but lack the professionalism needed in this line of work. Make sure that you only hire one that you feel comfortable working with. Avoid handymen who request for upfront payment and ask for a written agreement that’s clear about the exact job that is expected to be done. Be sure it’s clear about when the project will start and end as well as the total cost. A bit of involvement is also required when it comes to handymen working in your home. Active involvement in the project even as handyman services work to offer the best services is critical in ensuring accountability. While you want to give them their space as they work, make sure to ask questions and pay attention to their work. Your involvement ensures that the handyman meets your service requirements. Hiring a handyman for the first time will be much simpler if you know the right steps to take.

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