Tattoos: A Different Way Of Self Expression Different people has a different reactions when you speak to them of tattoos. Tattoos are practically eye catching work of arts. Tattoo arts are different prom person to person depending on the individuals perspective upon getting one. Tattoos are amazing art works that will certainly captivate anyone who sees it and makes them want to have one. Nowadays, tattoos are widely accepted work of arts in the society compared to what it was in the past, although there are still a lot of people that doesn’t like the idea of having a permanent ink in their body. Different people may have different reasons for getting a tattoo but one thing is for sure, tattoos are work of art that is as ancient as mankind itself. The word tattoo is taken from the Tahitian term “tatu” that means to touch something. The first ever recorded account of a man having a tattoo was found during the early 1900s and was discovered at Southern Europe. Using carbon-14 dating, scientists have estimated the existence of that man to have occurred 5,300 years ago. A booming number of fifty eight tattoos is noted to have been imprinted to the man’s body. This reason made the scientists believed that the man was a significant part of his society. Water based substances alongside charcoal is the theorized material used in inking the man’s skin.
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Ancient people believed that tattoos have the power to ward off not only bad luck but sickness as well. The first known civilization to employ the use of needles in printing tattoos on skin are the Egyptians. These have been proven by the unearthed archaeological findings on ancient Egyptian tombs where some of the findings are etched with tattoos including mummified bodies. The spread of tattoo has been transferred from one civilization to another and by 200 BC, it has reached the continent of Asia.
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The ancient Japanese civilization however, have used tattoos as a form of branding, letting them know if a person is a criminal or not. As time went by tattoos have become one of the most popular ways to express art, which gives rise to a lot of tattoo artist along with a wide array of unique and awesome tattoo designs. Tattoos are even used by gangs nowadays as a form of intimidation to frighten rival gangs. Today, this concept has been adapted by most tattoo artists in coming up with their very own tattoo design. Other ancient civilizations like the Polynesians are also known contributors of tattoo designs. These ancient people often used pointed sticks, ivory as well as bone pieces that are sharpened at the point as an instrument for tattoo. Using a small mallet, they hit the top of the sharpened object in order to inked in the tattoo on the skin. The instruments used by these ancient people does not only consist of a single sharp object, they actually used a tool set specifically dedicated for tattooing purposes.