Comparison Between Android Phones and iPhones

You might find it difficult deciding between an Android phone and an iPhone when deciding which smartphone to purchase. The decision becomes difficult because both brands seem to have excellent features which you may consider the same. However, when you analyze both brands closely, you’ll notice these are some major differences. Do not only buy a phone just for the sake of it. In this article, we will explore the major differences between these two brands so that you may have the right information as you go to buy that iPhone or Android phone.

The major differences between Android and the iPhone are in the hardware. The iPhone has just one manufacturing company, Apple that controls how the hardware and applications work. On the other hand, the producer of the Android software that is Google gives the license to numerous phone makers. For this reason, the Android mobiles have many differences when it comes to their features, weight, size, quality, and user experience. You could have heard many criticisms about overheating or freezing of Android phones or those which are of poor quality. Even if there have already been hardware problems reported for the iPhone, there aren’t any problems regarding inconsistent quality.

You might want to think about this and also the version of the device because the Android phones have different makers. With the iPhone you only have to decide which series you want to buy. People vary while others might go for the iPhone due of its quality and simplicity, some will favor Android with its variety of phones.

If you want to ensure that you have the best and latest features offered on a smartphone, you may have to get an iPhone. The basis for this is because their Android manufacturers update their phones slowly to the latest Android OS releases and sometimes the updates are not provided by them at all. When this happens, older phones may not have the ability to support the latest operating system. With Apple, they are quicker to update older phones to the latest OS updates.

Google Play store offers more programs apps to the Apple App Store, as it pertains to the apps. Apple applies strict measures in terms of the apps it allows and the change of policy. With the Google Play store, the measures are a bit lax, and therefore it has more apps. Many developers have found it challenging to develop an app that would suit many phones. Developing apps for a wide selection of OS variants and devices makes the development of Apps for Android expensive, yet the Google Play shop has an emphasis on apps that are free. The developers find it difficult to cover their costs when you combine the emphasis on the free apps and the high development costs.